With Maran Timber, you can count on us for quality

Trust is something that two parties in a relationship can build together when they decide to trust each other, and we have a solid and reliable partnership with all our partners and our stakeholders. This will be the same core differentiation that we will strive to build with all our new customers and partners.

With most of our business dealings with our partners, spanning over 30 years on average, Maran Timber does not just do business with our clients and partners, but instead enjoy a mutually beneficial, trusting and reliable partnership with each other.

Especially in a commodity market, the right people make all the difference in customer relationship and confidence building. However, moving forward greater efficiency and technology will be leveraged to enhance this differentiation even further and our commitment in investing in our most important asset, our people.

Backed by historical track record of our achievements and reputation, the Maran Timber brand serves as a mark of assurance and advancement with certainty of quality in any of our products and services offered.